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Max and Stacy discuss: Bitcoin is designed to kill central banksThe dollar devs at the central bank Doge is like putting baggies of gasoline on your stovetop Big Bitcoin You can't lobby bitcoinThey are joined by Crypto Mags to tear apart the bitcoin will boil the oceans FUD:Bitcoin is providing tremendous valueIt's unseizable money A valuable service of savings for the unbankedIt's using a lot of wasted resources - valuable energy put to good useOur energy grid is hugely centralized, bitcoin helps decentralize the infrastructureTransmission constraint; bitcoin mining pays for a load as something that takes energy Energy and carbon are both cost centersBitcoin is electrifying the financial system Bitcoin is a new heavy industry.

Visit our sponsor: Swan Bitcoin Max and Stacy with their first livestreamed full dose of Orange Pill on the 13th anniversary of the Bitcoin White PaperFirst market price of bitcoinPrice of silver in 2008Max Keiser in 2011 -- Bitcoin is the currency of resistance: Charlie Munger's student gulag in the fiat casino state.

imageAbbreviated BTC, it's open-source and not linked to any central authority. Bitcoin was started in 2009 by a mysterious figure named Satoshi Nakamoto, who wrote a whitepaper about it months earlier. It's also not easily seizable.

The software is open source , which means that anyone can see how it works and contribute to it. We can look at the code and verify how it works for ourselves. We don’t need to believe anything Satoshi wrote in his post about how the software works. Further­more, we can evolve the function­ality of the system by changing the code.

Now to the practical part: let’s analyze a transaction on a block explorer. Here’s a screenshot from the block explorer for a Bitcoin transaction: A mishmash of numbers and letters. Let’s break this down into smaller sections, and go over each separately. For those unfamiliar with cryptocurrency transactions, this might seem quite confusing.

Specifically, there are 21 million, which contributes to the belief that the currency is a hedge against inflation. Another factor that makes Bitcoin unique is that there's only a finite amount of coins.

Retailers like AT&T, Whole Foods and Shopify accept Bitcoin as payment. In person, you may scan a QR code to use it in a transaction. Online, Bitcoin often comes up as an option in the ordering process — for example, on Overstock, crypto customers simply click "Pay with Bitcoin" instead of "Pay with credit/debit card" like they normally would.

Вложенный блокчейны (Nested blockchains) — работа L2 блокчейна (более масштабируемого, например, за счет менее безопасного механизма консенсуса) поверх L1.

Bitcoin was the best-performing asset class over the past decade, with an average annualized return of more than 200%, and provides a chance for people to diversify their portfolios. However, you still need to be strategic if you choose to invest in cryptocurrency.

Similarly to the sending address, you can click on the receiving ones to see their transaction history. Usually the bottom of these addresses is the previously explained change address. For each address, we can see how much they are receiving. In this section, we can see which addresses are the intended destination of a transaction.

In fact, Nakamoto described Bitcoin in the whitepaper as a "peer-to-peer version of electronic cash that allows payments to be sent directly from one party to another without going through a financial institution." Bitcoin transactions are recorded via blockchain, which is basically a big online ledger.

Max Keiser & Stacy Herbert present the first global English language macro economic and bitcoin news out of El SalvadorIn this fifth episode of MAX & STACY REPORT, they are joined by former bond trader turned bitcoiner, Greg Foss, about bitcoin as an insurance policy on sovereign default. They discuss El Salvador as a beacon of hope and how bitcoin will transform the economy over the coming years.In the headlines, Max and BNB Stacy look at property and plunder and the origins of shitcoins as a means to plunder your bitcoin property.

"Bitcoin has the potential to enable a more open financial system for the world and benefit from long-term appreciation, but it’s important to remember that the asset class is still relatively new, prices can be volatile, and there will be new developments as it grows," he adds.

Fiat , which is Latin for "let it be done," refers to govern­ment and central-bank issued currency, which is decreed as legal tender by the govern­ment. Histor­i­cally, cryptocurrency money emerged from things that were hard to produce, easy to verify, and easy to trans­port, such as seashells, glass beads, silver, and gold.

Таким образом сделать одновременно идеально децентрализованный, масштабируемый и безопасный блокчейн на данный момент нельзя, данная проблема известна как трилемма блокчейна.

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